The Bull Sheet – La Tech edition

October 22, 2011

Vol 3 Issue 4 – La Tech


Check it out!!!!!


The Bull Sheet – Season 3, Issue 1 – Weber State

September 9, 2011

Vol 3 Issue 1 – Weber State


Season 3 is underway!


The Bull Sheet – Season 3 Preview

September 9, 2011

For USU’s finest to get educated and ready for the season!

Season 3 Preview


The Refraction – Season 4, Issue 17 – Idaho

February 25, 2011

Vol 4 Issue 17 – Idaho
Here it is everyone… And like that, your original duo of Kraig Williams and Matt Sonnenberg are retired.

We ran out of space in this issue paying tribute to all the seniors, since they kinda deserved it and all, but we want to thank a hell of a lot of people (in no particular order)… So here it goes….

Kirk and Darla Williams
John, Dan, Dave, Heidi, and Amy Sonnenberg
Raquel Lindaas
Steve and Annie Gingrich
Jake and Heather Strong
Nick Ballam
Shaun Chatelain
Garrett Wheeler
Travis Mason-Bushman
Craig Peterson
Braydan Bunce
Ry Bay
Jay Wamsley
Tim Olsen
Chad Wilson
Bart Bowen
Jake and Derek Christofferson
Kelsey Jardine
Sean O’Sullivan
Jordan Eck
Pat Tebbs
Isaac Higham
Matt Christensen
Charley Riddle
Ty Eldridge
Kirsten Frank
CJ Hales
Jake Frisby
Bill Sproat
Nick Baker
Jeff Riches
Eddie Rubey
Mitch Boothe
James and Jordan Allred
David Lieberman
Jordan Hunt
Jeremy Winn
Aaron Scoll
Scott Klein
Colby Howe
Tessa Taylor
Kjerstin Vasquez
Jennie Newbold
Rob Easton
The whole Jardine family
Kyle Whelliston
Kevin McCarthy
Chris Murray
Ricky Denno
Mike Black
Nate, Alex and James Putnam
Lance Brown
Alexis Lopez
Jackie Ball
Kady Brennan
Jamie and Derek Grange
Kent Harmon
Cami Jones
Darci Denney
Alicia Alvarez
Megan Allen
Graham Terry
Stephanie Johns
Jacob Andes
Jace Woodstock
Alec and Michelle Thorley
Kenny MacMillan
Dan Christensen
Will Weiss
Mike Green
Jordan Rampersand
Raegan Mclaughlin
Courtney Tye
Jed Palmer
Jackson Cozzens
Dan Ricks
Jed Marchant
Skyler Parkhurst
Jason Russell
Jesse Kunz
Loren Clark
Steve and Bridgette Strickland (Thompson)
Brittani Naegle
Catherine Meidell
Chris Thompson
Josh Dunford
Scott Barnes
Jana Doggett
Scott Randall
Linda Zimmerman
Dave Baker
Kayla Clark
Every employee of the TSC copy center and Angie’s restaurant.
Landon Hemsley
Tom Grover
Mark Fiedler
Andrew Luikart
Paul Reese
Jill Whitney
Kristin Johnson
Megan Loosli

And of course, Stew Morrill, Tim Duryea, Chris Jones, Tarvish Felton, Lance Beckert, and ever player who has worn an Aggie uniform during our time here.

Thank you!!! With all sincerity… Everybody on this list is there because you’ve had some kind of impact on our lives and what we’ve been trying to do along the way, or have helped us out, or just are straight up awesome. Thank you all!!!

– The Refraction


Issue 16 – Montana Western

February 16, 2011

Vol 4 Issue 16 – Montana Western


Second to last issue of the year… Prepping for a huge finale!!!


Issue 15 – Fresno State

February 11, 2011

Vol 4 Issue 15 – Fresno State

For anybody who does not know who Captain Hindsight is see the links below to gain cl


Fast forward to 3:30 into the episode to learn in detail (also 8:40 in has more heroics)


Or just take the short version, but we’d suggest the link above.


Issue 14 – Boise State

February 5, 2011

Vol 4 Issue 14 – Boise State